St Croix Life- Surfer Girl
Nature- ttree
Crucian Time-ct-q
Sailing- saill

Looking for the right image to suggest the essence of the Caribbean experience? Let Diane help you find the perfect shot for your ad or publication from her extensive stock library. Book Diane for a shoot and create a new custom image for your project. Diane has worked with editors, fashion designers, hotel owners and magazine publishers. She has worked on movie sets, at public relation events and at yacht races. Shooting from boats, the top of masts, airplanes and helicopters. Life is an adventure, letís capture it!

Diane is available for hire around the Caribbean, having traveled extensively in the Virgin Islands, down island and throughout Puerto Rico. Travel Photography, editorial and hotel photography available. Images of Island life, culture, history, the people and lifestyle are available for purchase in her extensive stock collection and web albums.